My love of food and restaurants started when I got my first job as a hostess and server.  Seeing how much people loved food, I found I was drawn to the creative side of the restaurant and decided I wanted to be a chef. Not  just a cook, but a professionally trained chef.  I graduated from the California Culinary Academy of San Francisco in 2001. My apprenticeship was at One Market in San Mateo where I continued to build the skills that are an “American Cuisine". My interests always led me to want to learn more. 

I traveled to Europe and learned the art of incorporating different Italian and Spanish dishes with an emphasis on fresh fish and local spices. While managing the kitchen of a boutique resort on the coast I found there were an abundance of local ingredients, produce, protein and seafood and began experimenting with seasonally sourced items for “farm to table". I decided to try something completely different, and studied Thai cuisine, specializing in Thai street food. That led to opening a small Thai street food restaurant in Oakland, CA.

From there I opened a catering and events company which I have had for the past 12 years. During this past 12 years one of my favorite hobbies was in percussion drumming that led me to drum camp in Brazil. I was able to learn a lot about Brazilian cuisine and their BBQ. It was here that I got the BBQ bug and traveled to Georgia and took a weeklong course with BBQ Master Myron Mixon. I was excited to learn more. I spent time in Texas and ate my way through the state. It was here that I knew that I loved the style of Texas BBQ, dry rubs and spiced sauces. I was inspired then to start Gypsy BBQ. Here I am today in Murphy’s, CA starting a new venture as a free spirit, and traveler my food is just that, “free spirited cuisine.” I hope that you can stop by on one of your many gypsy travels.

Happy trails